Heroes and husbands

Wednesday, 1st July 2009

Noah let me read the book he's working on. His hero - Karl - is wonderful, just like Noah. But also just like Noah, he's emotionally shut off. Only Noah can't see it.

And, if he can't see it in Karl the spy, how is he ever going to see it in himself?

Karl the spy knows all about the latest spy technology, where Noah knows all about the latest high-tech baby gadgets. He also seems to understand all about fluctuating hormones and morning sickness symptoms - as if he's turned into a walking pregnancy manual.

Most women would love their husbands to be this involved in their pregnancy, but something feels wrong about this - as if it's all in his head and not in his heart.

And I want so much for us (me and the baby) to be in his heart. I really do.

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