Noah knows

Monday, 15th June 2009

Okay, I was a little bit naughty. I used underhand tactics – or should I say under the duvet tactics – to make sure Noah was in a good mood before I broke the news about his impending fatherhood.

Didn't do me much good, though.

I might as well have told him I'd got head lice from the way he reacted. He went for a run. I'm starting to fume just thinking about it again. Give me a second to calm down...

But Dani gave me a good piece of advice: she reminded me how upside-down I felt when I first found out I was pregnant. I've got to let Noah feel the same way for a little bit, haven't I? It's not as if either of us was expecting this. But he'll come round eventually, I'm sure he will. It's just that he hasn't done this before, he doesn't know how wonderful having a child is going to be.

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