A bit unexpected!

Saturday, 7th March 2009

My blind date tonight was so not what I’d been expecting! I was supposed to meet someone I could brush off easily, someone who could be the butt of a funny anecdote for a few weeks. I wasn’t supposed to meet someone I would actually want to see again.

But, Noah…

When he kissed me I thought I was going to spontaneously combust!

However, chemistry isn’t everything, and Noah wants a wife. As much as Daisy would like to shove me in that direction, I don’t plan on wearing a big, frilly white dress ever again. (Yeah, I know – but it was the 80s, okay?) I can’t invest in someone so totally, so completely, that when they get ripped from my life I just don’t want to keep on going on my own. That might sound dramatic, but until you’ve walked in my flip-flops, don’t you dare judge!

So, no more dates with Noah Smith. He’s about as safe as a nice, sparkly bouquet of dynamite!

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