Another fine mess she's got me into

Saturday, 7th March 2009

Rats! I can't seem to to anything to cancel the date with this guy tonight. The customer services department for isn't open again until Monday morning. Believe me, when they are, there's going to be some serious shouting going on. I know it was Daisy who set me up and created my profile, but it's practically identity theft! Don't they do any checks of any kind?

Which just makes me nervous about who I might be meeting tonight. I mean, he could be anyone! What if he's a real creep? At least we're meeting in a public place.

Anyway, the silver lining in this catastrophe is that I met two really nice girls online. Kangagirl from Sydney and Sanfrandani from - well, take a wild guess!

They made me realise that it's not the end of the world to go on one date. After all, I never have to see the guy again if I don't like him. I should stop panicking, go, have a nice dinner, then wave him goodbye and the whole sorry affair will be over - no harm done.

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