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Tuesday, 7th April 2009

I've started to notice things that I'd been blind to before Daisy left to go on her travels. I've realised I do most of my socialising while I'm at work in the coffee shop or with Daisy's friends. And now she's gone and I'm not going out with her, I've suddenly realised that I don't have any friends of my own age. Except Noah, of course. But he's a recent addition.

I suppose it must have happened because I got married and had Daisy so young. Most of my peers were at university or partying hard when I was knee-deep in nappies. And, by the time they'd reached the nappie stage, Daisy was in senior school. If I chimed into conversations and talked about Daisy the yummy mummies just looked at me as if I was talking about a different species of creature. What on earth could a teenager have to do with their darling, jam-smeared toddlers?

I can't really blame them. Daisy was jam-smeared once. And when you have a child that small, you can't ever imagine them growing up, eating twice as much as you and stealing your eyeshadows out of your make-up bag.

So that's the reason I don't have any friends of my own age. It has nothing to do with not wanting any friends my own age. That would just be stupid.

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